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Here you can access various academic journals published by different departments of the university. The journals cover a diverse range of fields including law, social sciences, humanities, business administration, commerce, economics and science and technology.

The University of Turbat is committed to promoting research and innovation across all disciplines, and every journal is reviewed by a team of specialists in the respective field to guarantee the content is top-notch and pertinent.

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  • Journal of Law and Social Sciences - University of Turbat

    The Journal of Law and Social Sciences (abbreviated as JLSS-UoT) is an Open Access research journal that publishes double-blind and peer-reviewed research in specific fields of Law and social sciences.
    JLSS-UoT is published bi-annually by the University of Turbat. JLSS-UoT publishes original research based on its originality, importance, interdisciplinary interest, timeliness, accessibility, elegance, and surprising conclusions. The Journal of Law and social sciences has been published since 2023.

    • ISSN:  2959-9970  (Print)
    • ISSN:  2959-877X  (Online)


  • Journal of Business Studies and Economic Research

    The  Journal of Business Studies and Economics Research (JBSER) is the first research journal of  Faculty of  Business And Economics at the University of Turbat (UoT) Pakistan. JBSER is committed to publish scientific research paper of significant quality from the field of Finance, Business , Economics , Accounting , Management, and related fields both nationally and internationally. The goal of JBSER is to become one of the  best,  top-tier , and  Higher Education Commission recognised research journal that disseminate scientific  knowledge related to emerging trends, challenges, and solutions to above mentioned fields.

    ISSN: 3005-6314(online)

  • Meeri

    The annual research journal 'MEERI', ISSN: 2414-8539 (p) and 2790-9875 (e), is one of the few journals in Pakistan which focuses the research works that directly or indirectly relate to Baloch, Balochi and Balochistan. The research journal is duly recognized the Higher Education Commision of Pakistan (HEC). The journal published, mainly, research works on Balochi Language, Balochi linguistics and literature; however, the journal also publishes the research works on Baloch culture, comparative studies on Balochi language, literature, culture and art. Moreover, the journal also publishes research articles on Baloch archeology and history. It is a open acces journal. All its rights are reserved with The Institute of Balochi Language and Culture, University of Turbat.